Haynes is an Investment Adviser Representative with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Haynes' clients have access to fee-based financial planning and fee-based investment advisory services.

Based on extensive fact-finding analysis, Haynes will craft a proposal of alternatives for your consideration as well as your advisors' consideration. This personalized analysis will outline a variety of techniques available to help you accomplish your unique objectives. Although Haynes can provide complete life insurance and financial products needs, his experience in the following areas has been the foundation for his success.

Retirement Funding - Never before has the need been as great for proper retirement planning. As the "Baby Boomers" mature and retire, our society is learning that many people may truly outlive their money. To prevent this, Haynes can assist you in determining if your retirement goals are being met and can offer solutions which may include insurance and financial products.

Estate Planning - Though many people have built successful businesses and created large estates during their lifetime, few are aware of the consequences as a result of failure to initiate a comprehensive estate plan. Haynes, with the help of your other professional advisors, is able to implement a plan to conserve your estate. He can also provide the financial products necessary to fund the various aspects of the plan

Business Succession Planning - Many businesses fail to survive from one generation to the next because of failure to develop a succession plan. Businesses are very often sold in order to create cash to pay estate taxes. Haynes' experience in this area can help your business survive during the transfer to the next generation. Haynes can work with you and your other advisors to protect your business by offering various insurance and financial products.

Lump Sum Distributions - Whether resulting from retirement or termination of employment, Haynes can help you understand the maze of options available and provide information which will allow you to make the appropriate choice to suit your insurance and financial needs.

Special Concerns - Individual concerns, whether about retirement, charitable giving or providing for the needs of family and others you care about, are key issues for most people. Haynes can help you focus on areas such as survivor needs, retirement funding, or the benefits of a charitable giving program. Haynes will illustrate various ideas, demonstrate their possible tax impact, and explain how they can help accomplish your objectives.

Consider the Answers to these QUESTIONS - What do I need to live on now? How much will I need at retirement? Who should succeed me as the steward of my life's work and possessions? If I treat my children equally, will I be treating them fairly? Will my children be adversely affected by inheriting wealth they did not earn? Do I have responsibilities beyond my family to institutions or organizations that I wish to further? Can I accurately predict the value of my estate and my estate tax liability? Do I really know what my business is worth today or immediately after I am gone? How do I meet the special needs of disabled children or parents?





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